Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Thrifting Haul

I haven't done a thrifting post in a long time. I might have (now that I think about it) taken the summer off from thrifting. It seems my job cut into thrifting time. Plus, I am no longer shopping for resale. I don't have time for that anymore. I am going to be either re-donating, taking to auction or putting my surplus on etsy. I am on to a new phase of my life and I am enjoying the downsizing.

However, I really like to go treasure hunting so I go with a clear plan and put back half of what makes it in to my cart.

Large tin faux basket, 1.00. I think this former biscuit tin will become my hand sewing basket.
2.75 yards of vintage fabric, 2.00, destined to become a fall skirt. Its kind of sheer with dots.

Jadite chili bowl. I have never found jadite thrifting and I don't really collect it anymore but I couldnt pass up .75.
Vera scarf in perfect fall colors, 1.00
Blue mason jars; large, 5.00 each and smaller 3.50. I felt like I paid a lot of these jars but I really want to make a light fixture of some sort. What do these jars go for where you are?

Two hand knit cream sweaters. These were on my list and I found 2. I was hoping for kid sizes (for a fall photo shoot) but one will fit me (left 2.00) and the right one might be too small for me. It is however, divine. slit front pockets and the lovliest wool, 2.00. Not sure what to do with it. I wish I could take off the cowl neck. Oh ya, another wool cardigan in the back. I wanted to add to my Miss Marpole fall fashion wardrobe. Now to dig out my tweed skirts. If only I could find brown leather ankle boots.

And a stack of books, 1.00 each. I started one, very excited by the back cover, only to realize that I have read it already. One of the hazzards of reading 100 books a year. This year (see job reference above) I have only read about 10 books. Surprisingly, I am ok with that.

For those of you who thrift how do our prices compare to your store's prices?

I have a large to do list before winter hits so this might be my last trip in a while. There might have to be a quick trip for Halloween costume shopping. The characters have been chosen and I think they are from Adventure Time. Nuala might still want to be a dead bride cat. Thats my girl.

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click clack gorilla said...

Nice! I love those jars. I think I need to do a thrifting blog hop/link party. I love looking at the treasure other folks find. Keeps my own desire to run out and thrift shop some stuff I maybe don't need down too.