Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quilt Favorites

While I am thoroughly enjoying my new computer I am unable to upload new pictures via blogger. I'm not sure if this is my fault or blogger isn't feeling well.

I discovered that I can upload old blog pictures. I have to admit it was very wierd to see the last 5.5 years all laid out like that on my screen. It was great to see my girls growing, projects I have made (furniture, decorating and quilts) but it was a little sad to see the other parts.

I thought I would take a trip down quilt memory lane and share some of my favorite quilts that I have made.

The first one is Heather Ross Mendochino fabrics in a quilt as you go pattern. I made this for my youngest as she is a huge mermaid fan. She was not a fan of this quilt. Maybe it wasnt pink enough.
This fabric is now really hard to find and I was lucky to pick up a couple of scrap bundles a few years ago. I have no idea where it is now. In a box somewhere. I should find it.

This is one of my favorite fabrics of all time, Swell by Moda. I bought 6 charm packs a few years ago and added about 10 squares from my stash to make a twin size. This one is in my closet.

Hope Valley, maybe my second favorite fabric line, by Denyse Schmidt. I bought a lot of this fabric at a store closing. I made another quilt with this fabric and it sits in the to be quilted pile. Its been there a while. This is her pattern too, Hills and Hollars. Its a queen size and was very quick and easy.
It too is in my closet.

A dresden plate quilt made with yellow vintage sheets and solids. I needle turned the outside edges of the circles. Its probably in my closet. I dont use it much anymore because the inner circles are raw edge appliqued and they are fraying a bit too much.  If I made this pattern again I would make the inner circles much bigger and turn them as well.

The girls are with their dad this weekend so I am watching Pretty Little Liars on Netfliks and making a cute bag for the store. It was such a great pattern I think it would make a good class. This means at least 2 more bags. One cut out for swap outs when teaching and one halfway done to show technique. 3 is my magic number for gifts with 3 girls so it works out.

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Leslie said...

i was just thinking about going through pictures of my old quilts the other day. i think i miss some of the ones i gave that totally silly? Your daughter did not like that one? what did you do with it?

i love the sheets dresdens