Monday, July 16, 2012

What I Wore: Repurposed Jeans into Lace Skirts

This is me trying to not look like a complete dork. I remembered a Pinterest pin that showed how to stand for pictures, one leg in front of the other, hands on hips. The sunglasses are my genius idea. I tend to have most pictures with my eyes closed. I overcompensate by opening my eyes a bit wider. Yah, not so good either. But sunglasses? No one can see my closed or deer in headlights eyes. Why didn't I think of this years ago?

On to the skirt. I have a local thrift store that has quarter clothing weekends at the end of the month.
I picked up a couple pairs of jeans. They sat around. For about a year. Last week (at the same store) I found a lace table cloth remenant, 1.75. Ding! I dug out the jeans and added a wide pices of lace to the bottom. I also added a tunic lining that I had cut off from another project. Done and done.

I have made 2 other pieces of clothing with the lace so this skirt cost about .83 

This skirt is made the same way but I used extra wide dotted swiss from work. No lining so I might have to wear a slip with it.

I cut the jeans off just below the bottom of the zipper, leaving about 1/2 inch for a seam allowance. I also made sure not to cut off the front pockets. I like pockets. I don't remember how much of the fabric I got. I held the fabric on the bolt against my leg and cut off how much I thought it would take.

I was in a clothing sewing mood last week and have a few more projects to share.
I spent the weekend putting a bunch of my vintage pattern in my shop. I am slowly getting tinyglutton on etsy up going.
I also created a facebook page. Still messing around with it a bit.


Leslie said...

these are both super cute and the sunglasses is a genius move. brilliant

grendelskin said...

Too cute! I had a skirt like that years ago, I wore it to death. Time for a new one! Both of your versions are very appealing. Love the sunglasses tip, you look fabulous.