Friday, July 27, 2012

A Win and a Fail

I am often inspired by the customers that come into where I work. I saw one such customer wearing this bag and I recognized the pattern. I never in a million years would have given that pattern a second glance.

One, I don't make bags (translation; I am not good at making bags) and two I didn't like the fabric on the cover and I am lame enough not to be able to look past that and imagine different fabric.

Back to the customer, she had this bag and it was in this exact fabric. I had to make it that night and rip off her fabric choice too. To my credit I did chose a different lining fabric (cause we didnt have the one she used). Surprisingly this was an easy bag to make. The cutting out seemed to take longer.

The sewing planets aligned that night and this bag turned out terrific. If I made this bag again I am quite sure it wouldn't be as good.  I am a little puffed up about this bag. I never have bag success.

Now for the fail. Having 22" of lining fabric leftover I decided to make a zippered pouch to go with this. Huge mega throw it in the garbage fail.

This summer my girls are having many summer adventures without me (sadly and it is a little depressing) so I have lots of sewing time on my hands. If I am not working its either housework or sewing. Soooo, I do lots of sewing.

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Leslie said...

so is it a good thing that you are dating?

love the bag