Monday, May 28, 2012

Hexagon Rag Quilt and Dating

 I thought I was going to hate this quilt. The idea had me jumpy. I was so excited to get started. It was going to be brilliant. I had to start it now. Of course I was at work and closing up shop so I could sew was not an option.
So, I waited. A few days. My barn Chick co-workers and I all caught this rag hexagon bug so we all took turns at the giant fabric cutter and cranked out hexagons.

I put it on the long arm, took the belts off and got to sewing/quilting. I hated it. The lines were very wonky and there is no way I was going to show this one to anyone. It was going to be a picnic blanket. Or dog blanket.
But then I washed it. Miracles happen when you first wash a quilt and this rag quilt turned out pretty good. All wavy lines were no longer visable.
I would make this quilt again. I would use a fabric glue stick instead of spray adhesive next time.
I like it so much I was able to hang it (high) at The Quilt Barn and not be ashamed.

April was the one year mark for my divorce. I've dated a bit and have a date this week. A second date. I am freaked out. I thought I was past thinking about first kisses (what date does that happen on?) and all that nerve wracking stuff. Egads, my heart beat picked up just typing that.

What do I wear? Don't forget to shave your legs (guys don't like hairy legs yet do they?). Hair up, hair down. Where to go, do I pay? And of course I have kids now so that whole arena make me queasy.

Divorced certainly is not how I pictured myself at this age but it is kind of exciting. This time last year I vowed no dating or marriage ever again. I might be changing my mind. About the dating part anyway.

Any advice?


Jackie said...

Shave your legs for YOU! Be yourself and you'll have a great time.

Cindy said...

Have fun on your date! I'm so excited for you Tara.

The quilt is great. I love my quilts even more after the first wash.

Leslie said...

i have no advice on dating...i have not been on a date in 12 years. i hope that it goes well. all that anticipation is pretty exciting.

love the hexie rag quilt. it looks beautiful. you were so brave to try this out on FMF.

Ioana-Carmen said...

Great blog structure.

I would love to follow your beautiful blog! <3 maybe we can follow each other?

Jo said...

No advice on dating , either - I think once you are married and have kids, dates disappear. I want to wish you luck and happiness, though (and lots of hot kisses!)

Crystelle said...

Pretty pretty quilt. Hope you had funon your date...