Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wool Quilt and Hexagon

I've picked up my hexagon pieces again. I last worked on them at the end of last summer. I had all the flowers made (35) and a ton of white spacers already made.

This is how far I've come putting all the sections together.The top is to the right, top to bottom.
As you can see I put in an extra row and the last row I did is too long. Urg. Now I have to unpick.
I have 3 more rows to go.
Another in progress quilt top. I used 4 skirts and one pair of pants (bought for .25 each), felted them and cut them into 10 inch squares. Here I have pinned the top, batting and backing to an inch of its life. I also spray basted it. I have finished quilting it (simple in ditch) and will work in the binding tonight.
It feels like Spring outside. We got cold this winter but not much snow. Odd for Idaho.
I have finished my hankie Valentine top and now have to sandwich it. I'm not sure how to quilt it.


Brenda said...

The hexagons are looking beautiful. Great job.

wendy said...

The wool quilt looks so warm and wintery
to bad spring is just around the corner. Funny you should bring out your hexagon pieces, I found mine yesterday and they are now sitting on the ironing board

sewtakeahike said...

Loving your hex quilt, Tara! It's so beautiful!